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    Universal model recommended for all types of tasks for which eye protection is mandatory:p>

    • Protects against incoming particles from any direction.
    • Industry, Mining (oil rigs), Schipbuilding, Road Work and Construction, etc.
    • Outside tasks in windy circumstances.
    • Hot and humid spaces.         
    • (radical) sports, such as biking and skating.

    MODEL: FLEX 100 PI - helder

    FLEX 100 PI (CE EN-166 certified by INSPEC - 2673) is of cutting edge quality. The versatile model Flex 100 is a light, ergonomic and super comfortable frame, ideal for prolonged usage. Customising the frame is easy to do on the workplace itself. It also offers perfect protection through its fit and complete closure of the region around the eyes. This frame is in accordance with POLIFLEX’s policy always to link safety to modern design, comfort and quality.


    • Clear lenses made of ultra resistant polycarbonate.
    • Anti-scratch and Anti-fog coating.
    • Protection against harmful UVA and UVB radiation.
    • Due to the corrected curve no distortions in the field of vision.
    • Perfect anatomic fit garanties total protection of the eyes.


    • Anatomic universal nosebridge integrated into the with EVA foam padded frame.
    • Edges of frame padded with EVA foam for better closure around the eyes .
    • Comes with interchangeable temples and elastic headband.
    • Changing lens colour is easy to do – no fingers at lens needed.
    • Can be used in combinaion with other PPEs such as earmuffs and helmet.


    • Extra interchangeable lenses in several shades: InOut, Grey and Welding filters.
    • Increased quality of anti-fog through hydrophilic coating.
    • Case with room to store extra lenses.
    • Exclusive special lens carrier suitable for prescription lenses; one frame suits all, whether user is wearing glasses or not.